Ten Things To Check When Hiring

Ten Things To Check When Hiring

Before you choose an asphalt paving company in the state of California, there are a few questions you should be asking of them – and yourself! More »

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Ten Things To Check When Hiring

Before you choose an asphalt paving company in the state of California, there are a few questions you should be asking of them – and yourself!


Before hiring any driveway paving contractor in California, you need to ask carefully about their pricing policy.

Even if you have had work done before by another company, it would be a mistake to assume that the people you are thinking of hiring will be exactly the same. They won’t necessarily be.

This doesn’t always mean that the company you are in discussion with are trying to rip you off, or that their prices are unreasonable, it is just that there are so many variables in a quote, you might not be comparing like with like.

You need to check the quote carefully and see what it includes, before you compare it to another quote. They may not all include the same service.

And you want to ensure that you are not going to discover a load of extras on the final bill price!


You should take the time to ensure that whoever you are thinking of hiring has all the necessary licensing and insurance to work in the state of California.


You might not be aware of the fact that not all asphalt is the same.

There are different grades of asphalt available and you should ensure that the material you choose to go with is the highest possible specification for the job.

This is because asphalt is commonly recycled. Whilst this is good news for the environment, you don’t want to end up with a product that is too highly recycled, as it might affect its lifespan.


It should go without saying that you need to follow up the references of any potential driveway paving contractor, here in California (or anywhere else for that matter!)

If the contractor has provided a phone number, then follow it up. If they haven’t done so, then ask yourself why.


Whilst ringing up the contractor’s previous clients is a good idea, going one further is even better.

So, take the trouble to go and look at some of the clients’ properties that they have worked on and see their handiwork for yourself.


In addition to making sure that the contractor has all their personal and business documents in order, there is a little more digging you should do.

That is in respect to the contractor’s attitude to having a paper trail.

Who will be ordering all the materials for the job? If they are shying away from assuming the responsibility and hoping you will do it, this is not the action of a professional.

Likewise, if they are reticent about signing a written contract, walk away now.


When you are looking to engage an asphalt paving contractor in California, it needs to be done with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t be in a hurry to hire just anyone – you might regret it!


Does your chosen contractor have their own equipment? Or will they hire it?

Either way, you need to know the state of their equipment and make sure it is new and up to date.

The quality of the equipment is paramount to the quality of the job they will do.


Has this company done a job similar to the one that you want them to do for you?

Experience of the exact project that you require is an essential requirement.


Lastly, but most importantly – how did you hear about this provider?

Was it through word of mouth, advertising or door knocking?

If your provider is known to you via a personal recommendation, then this is the best way of ensuring their reliability.

If they knocked at your door, offering a great deal, walk away now – this is very unlikely to be a genuine contractor.