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We are on our way to becoming the ultimate guide for the state of California – taking in all the major towns and cities across the Golden State.

We look into all fourteen major tourism regions and go behind the scenes of what’s on, to bring a concise and easy to follow guide to our readers.

Producing not one, but two excellent publications, Marian College have two titles on the market – both their monthly lifestyle guide and a special quarterly publication, focusing on listings.

Between the two publications, we leave no stone unturned and bring a complete picture of what’s on and important local information, to both the tourist and the resident of California.

If it is happening within the boundaries of the state, it will be in our publications – and you can guarantee our impartiality.


We have been publishing our paper edition since 1997, but the downloadable electronic version has been available since 2004.

Our writers and journalists are respected professionals and well known voices within the state, with firm reputations.

With guest columnists and bloggers, we keep it fresh and lively, but are always an authoritative and trustworthy source of information.


Any sponsored content on our website, or within our paper publications, is always clearly prefixed.

All our features and content is unbiased and independent.

So you can take our reviews as being the unvarnished truth – although all opinions are our writers’ own!


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