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Four Top Places To Eat In L.A.

Although it’s tough to narrow it down to just four, our food critics give us their fab four places to eat in the city of Angels.


Hancock Park, Hollywood

Even though LA may not be known for its pizza in the same way as other cities are, you might just change your mind after a visit to Pizzeria Mozza.

They aren’t trying to impress – just produce the best damned pizza in town – and hell they do just that.

More to the point, they don’t copy anyone else’s style.

This is a classic thin pizza with toppings which go from goat cheese and bacon, to braised fennel and prosciutto.

If your mouth’s not watering at the thought of that, it’s probably because your tongue’s dropped out of your head.


Arts District

More Italian, this time more than just pizza in the guise of the famous Bestia.

Now we can’t pretend that dining out here is either a) quick b) easy or c) cheap. This is a place that knows its’ worth and is going to take a bit of time and a few hundred dollars – but it is still so worth it.

We recommend the house cured charcuterie meats and the Alla’nduja Pizza with its Tuscan kale, mozzarella and spicy pork sausage combination.

For dessert, what about the Bittersweet Chocolate Budino Tart? This is a sumptuous salted caramel, olive oil and cacao crust.

It simply has to be ordered to be believed, even if you think you don’t have space – remember, your pudding stomach is entirely separate to the rest of your digestive system!


Fairfax Ave, Hollywood

More meat, this time from the restaurant that makes vegans jealous.

Flying in the face of practically every Hollywood and Californian food fascist, Animal is a delight for the carnivore.

Famous for their Pig Ear, this is as crunchy and as bacon-y as you might expect and bridges that long hungry gap between breakfast and lunch.


Silver Lake

Famous for, well, toast; don’t let that underwhelm you. Because anything that is served here will wow the taste buds.

Of course, there is more than ‘just’ toast – not that their toast is anything as remotely mundane as ‘just’ toast.

Their drinks are suitably adventurous – try “Lait N Egg” – an iced Vietnamese coffee with egg whites.

But veggies take heart, unlike some of our suggestions, there is plenty on offer beside meat at this restaurant.

We would just advise you don’t go on a weekend – you might wait a long time for a slice of French toast!