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We are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to our sponsors of advertising across a variety of platforms

All our sites and publications have a proven track record and successful appeal to both residents of California and visitors, alike.

We target everyone living in the Golden State, no matter who they are, what their interests are and regardless of age group and background.

With as wide as an appeal as possible, we publish two magazines; our monthly lifestyle magazine and our seasonal travel guide, which comes out quarterly.


This is a complete guide to all the arts and culture within the state of California.

We list everything from the beaches, to eating out, as well a total guide to the nightlife, arts and culture.

Created with inspiration in mind, our travel guide brings both the tourist and the local resident into the cities and towns of California to visit the attractions and, of course, spend their money.

Our travel guide features quality reviews and writing, enticing photography and a high resolution printed finish.

This is a guide which is guaranteed to be pocketed by visitors to the California’s cities and be well thumbed for the entire season.

This is California’s What’s On Bible for every resident and tourist and should be by the side of anyone coming to the state this summer.

Our editorial sections include full listings for;

Theater and arts productions in all the towns and cities.

Sports and leisure opportunities for the upcoming season.

Theme parks and days out for all the family.

Museum and culture listings.

Music and live events.

And much more besides.

To advertise in our quarterly travel guide, please contact Marco for our current rates.


Our monthly lifestyle magazine brings together news, reviews, style, entertainment and interviews all into one package.

This is a must read for any Californian resident – with in depth features on issues which matter to them – schools, education, housing and more.

We put ourselves in the position of the Californian citizen, whoever they may be – a young family in San Diego or a professional in San Francisco. Then we find out everything that they need to know about their town or city and what there is going on there.

With favorable rates for multiple advertising blocks, we can offer a great deal for businesses in the area.

Whether it is our monthly edition, our quarterly specials or our website, we can put together some great packages for our sponsors!